Abstracts of the FLASH Radiotherapy and Particle Therapy Conference 2021

All FRPT2021 abstracts.

Abstracts resulted from the UHDpulse project:

1) A. Schüller et al.: Overview and Current Status of the Joint Research Project UHDpulse – “Metrology for Advanced Radiotherapy Using Particle Beams With Ultra-High Pulse Dose Rates”.

2) A. Subiel et al.: Flash RT: Current Status of Dosimetry, QA, Challenges and the Need for Further Developments.

3) C. Bailat et al.: Flash Teaching Lecture: Dosimetry at Ultra-High Dose Rate and the Clinical Translation of the Procedures.

4) M. Borghesi et al.: Laser-Driven Ion Beams and Ultra-High Dose Rate Radiobiology.

5) F. Gomez et al.: Ultra Thin Plane-Parallel Ionization Chambers: Expanding the Range of Air Ionization Chambers Into Ultra-High Dose Rate.

6) F. Frei et al.: Fricke Dosimetry as a Primary Standard and Reference for Absorbed Dose to Water in Ultra High Pulse Dose Rate Electron Beams.

7) A. Bourgouin et al.: Ion Collection Efficiency in Ultra-High Dose Per Pulse Electron Beams.

8) B. Lessard et al.: Plastic Scintillator Under Ultra-High Dose Rate Electron Beam: Long Term Damages and Changes in Optical Response.

9) R. D. Kranzer et al.: Vented Ionization Chambers for Ultra-High Dose Per Pulse Conditions.

10) G. V. Rinati et al.: Realization and Characterization of Novel Diamond Detector Prototypes for Flash Therapy Application.

11) S. Heinrich et al.: Monitoring a Flash Beam: For Preclinical Studies and Towards Clinical Applications.

12) V. Vanreusel et al.: Faster Than Light: Can Scintillators Guide Electron Flash Experiments?

13) A. Bourgouin et al.: Performance of a Probe Type Graphite Calorimeter (Aerrow) in Ultra High Dose Per Pulse Electron Beams.

14) J. P. Martin et al.: Secondary Standard Dosimetry: Understanding the Ionization Chambers for the Future Ultra High Dose Rate Applications.

15) R. D. Kranzer et al.: Linearity of Diamond Detectors in Ultra High Dose Per Pulse Electron Beams.

16) A. M. Leite et al.: Ion Recombination Correction Factors and Benchmark of Detectors in a Very High Dose Rate Proton Scanning Beam.

17) A. Schüller et al.: Multi Leaf Faraday Cup for Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy With Electron and Ion Beams at Convetional and Ultra High Dose Rate.

18) R. A. Thomas et al.: Development and Test of a Small Portable Graphite Calorimeter for Use in Ultra High Dose Rate Particle Beams.

19) M. McManus et al.: Calorimetry for Ultra-High-Dose-Rate Very High Energy Electron Beams.

20) A. Cimmino et al.: Irradiation of Luminescence Dosimeters in Stray Radiation Field in Laser-Driven Accelerators.

21) S. McCallum et al.: Calorimetry Techniques for Absolute Dosimetry of Laser-Driven Ions Beams.

22) G. Milluzzo et al.: Dosimetry and Beam Delivery Arrangements for Single-Shot, Ultra-High Dose-Rate Radiobiology Experiments Employing Laser-Accelerated Ions.

23) J. Pawelke et al.: Influence of Electron Beam Dose Rate and Pulse Structure on the Protecting Flash Effect Observed in Zebrafish Embryo.

24) M. Zboril et al.: Developments in Active Neutron Spectrometry for Neutron Stray Radiation Field Characterization in Flash Radiotherapy.

25) C. Fleta et al.: New Developments on SIC Dosimeters for Advanced Radiotherapies.

26) A. Knyziak et al.: Fluka Monte Carlo for Basic Dosimetric Studies of Uhpdr Electron Beams.

27) A. Cimmino et al.: Characterization of OSL and TL Dosimeters With Data Collected at the MT25 Cyclic Electron Accelerator.

28) C. Oancea et al.: Spectral and Intensity Sensitive Characterization of Pulsed Flash Proton Fields With the Pixel Detector TimePIX3.

29) J. Šolc et al.: Monte Carlo Modelling of Pixel Clusters in Timepix Detectors Using the MCNP Code.

30) C. Bailat et al.: Dosimetric Comparison Scheme Facilitating Multi Center FlashRT Pre Clinical Studies.

31) A. Douralis et al.: Establishment of a Flash Radiotherapy Facility at NPL and Dosimetry Study.

32) C. Oancea et al.: Time-Stamped Measurements of Single Flash Pulses of Primary Electron Beams in Wide Dose Range and Micro Seconds Resolution With Miniaturized Minipix-TimePIX3-Flex Camera.

33) P. M. Van Den Elzen et al.: Alanine Response in Ultra-High Dose-Rate (UHDR) Low-Energy Synchrotron Radiation.

34) C. Balan et al.: Measurements of Scattered Radiation Produced in Electron Beams Using Minipix TimePIX3 Flex.